Weight Loss

Weight Loss in Louisville, KY

 More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. For some of us, it is a constant life struggle. Med-Life-Fit completely understands that and is thoroughly committed to helping you beat this disease for good. One pound at a time, our program will renew your mind body and spirit. You will love the way you feel. You'll workout with our personal trainer; you'll expand your knowledge by listening to our webinars, you'll receive critical input from Dr. Dowe and take full advantage of all that we offer. You'll experience more energy during the day and enjoy better sleep during the night. We will partner with you to minimize your health risks and achieve your weight loss goals for ages 18-65 years of age. 


The Program

Additional Information


Our program is a non-surgical weight loss program. You will lose the excess weight and keep it off with our healthy methods, meal replacements, and treatments. We offer a variety of meal replacements and protein shakes. They are designed to meet your daily nutritional requirements and allow you to lose weight safely. Our program services include:

  • Dr. Dowe will review your medical history and medications
  • She will evaluate your kidney, liver, thyroid and cardiac function and calculate your current insulin resistance and cardiac risk.
  • We will educate you on individual lifestyle changes and nutritional requirements
  • We will determine and track your BMI, lean muscle, water, and body fat percentage
  • We will determine your actual resting metabolic rate with highly specialized equipment
  • We will work with your Primary Care to manage current obesity-related diseases

We also offer healthy living and healthy cooking classes that will show you real life, practical ways to change your behaviors and food preparation methods. You will learn how to prepare your meals using healthful ingredients and seasonings without giving up any taste.

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