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 Dr. Dowe founded the clinic back in 2011 while serving as the Medical Director at Hardin Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. It was her personal experience with a strong family history of diabetes and God's anointing that gave her the counsel, fortitude, and knowledge to launch the company. Diabetes can be a very debilitating disease that often always ends with patients placed on insulin therapy, which often spirals toward even greater weight gain. 


Dr. Dowe had the beneficial fortune to serendipitously attend a conference in Phoenix, AZ in 2011, which was the National Meeting of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA), formally known as the American Bariatric Society of Obesity Medicine. OMA had only 800 physicians at that time, now over 2000 are board certified, continuously learning evidence-based medicine and research to support a revolutionary change in the way we treat and reverse diseases like diabetes through a 30lb weight loss.

After changing the disease course of over 100 patients while working in Elizabethtown under medical directorship, Dr. Dowe was passionately motivated to leave traditional hospital medicine to open her own private practice in Louisville, KY. She felt as though God had blown a fresh breath and Spirit on her.

After moving to 10512 Meeting Street, we have seen revolutionary changes. Patients have stopped taking insulin and other medications, feeling better, and able to exercise regularly, all by abiding by BENS Theory. BENS Theory for a lifestyle intervention of behavioral change, exercise, nutrition, and spirituality. As the practice grew, Dr. Dowe was encouraged by a loving friend and surgeon that provided her the opportunity to expand the practice to other services and locations in 2017. Dr. Dowe is planning to move this concept across the United States especially states with high obesity rates. As we have seen patients improve their health and wellness, they have asked for new aesthetic procedures, that support their right to thrive in health, wellness, and spirituality.

Dr. Dowe's practice has grown and divided now to Dr. Dowe Medical Clinic treating Primary Care and Obesity Medicine, and Med-Life-Fit Medical Clinic & Spa, which performs all Spa procedures.

U.S. Board Certified Medical Doctor


 Dr. Dowe is a U.S. Board Certified Medical Doctor. 

Board Certified in Family Medicine


 Dr. Dowe is Board Certified in Family Medicine. 

Board Certified in Obesity Medicine


 Dr. Jessica Dowe is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine. 

Medical Assistant and Registered Nurse


 Dr. Dowe Medical Clinic presents  Gwendalyn Drew, RN. 

Clinical Medical Assistant


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Matthew Chandler

Practice Manager


Gwen Drew

Registered Nurse

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